Our mission

As the Red Cross does in favour of human beings, members are committed to the protection of cultural heritage in case of armed conflicts but also in case of natural disasters such as floods, storms, earthquakes etc. or in disasters such as explosion, fire, water damage, vandalism or nuclear accident.

The association makes sure to offer with all the appropriate technical means its assistance in case national cultural properties, both real estate and furniture, are threatened by a natural or human disaster:

  • informing on how to avoid these disasters,
  • providing practical and above all professional assistance when these disasters occur.

In the event of a disaster or international conflict, the association makes its know-how and experts available to international bodies.

In addition, the association advocates for a good legal infrastructure for managing the risks incurred by wealth.

It supports any action by the authority and other organisations in terms of prevention, awareness, vocational training and disaster response to cultural heritage.