As the Red Cross intervenes in favour of endangered human beings, the Blue Shield is committed to the protection of cultural and natural heritage. The symbol of the blue shield was adopted by the Hague Convention (1954) for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict. 

Blue Shield Belgium is one of the national committees of Blue Shield International, founded in 1996 by the four non-governmental organizations of UNESCO for cultural heritage :

– International Council on Monuments and Sites – ICOMOS

– International Council of Museums – ICOM

– International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions – IFLA

– International Council on Archives – ICA.

The goals have been described in article 3 of the statutes (published in the Belgisch Staatsblad 9 december 2004) :

“- to prepare with all appropriate measures for natural or human disaster threatening moveable and non-moveable cultural heritage;

– to intervene with professional assistance when these disasters occur.

The association aims to provide information and practical help to prevent or repair disasters occurring on the national territory and threatening the cultural heritage, and especially in case of : 

– natural disasters (flood, storm, earthquake, landslide e.a.);

– other disasters (explosion, fire, water damage, vandalism, nuclear accident e.a.);

– internal or international armed conflicts.

In the event of a disaster or international conflict occurring outside the Belgian borders, the association makes its know-how and experts available to national and international bodies.

In addition, the association advocates for a good legal infrastructure for managing the risks incurred by heritage (…).”



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