Blue Shield Belgium is a non-profit organization of which statutes were published in the Belgisch Staatsblad on the 9th december 2004.


The Belgian branches of the non-governmental organizations that founded Blue Shield International :

– International Council on Monuments and Sites – ICOMOS

– International Council of Museums – ICOM

– International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions – IFLA

– International Council on Archives – ICA.

The Federal Departments of Foreign Affairs, National Defense, Finance, Interior, and Federal Scientific Institutions.

The three Communities (Flemish, French, German), the three Regions (Flemish, Walloon, Brussels), for their responsibilities for the management and protection of the moveable and non-moveable heritage.

As well as other individual members in a profession related to heritage management and/or conservation.

BOARD (Belgisch Staatsblad 30th november 2021)

President : Gustaaf Janssens

Vice-presidents : Thierry Delplancq, Lucas Verhaegen  

Secretary general, entrusted with day-to-day management : Christina Ceulemans

Treasurer : Britt Claes

Other members of the board : Nathalie Absil, David Guilardian.


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